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the beginning

Raul and Anthony - the founders of HUE Candle Co. started our journey into the candle making biz while visiting the homeland of Raul in Mexico. His sister Deb already ventured into the realm of candle making and imparted her talent onto us while visiting. It sort of became a family affair when Raul's mother - Chivis (now my madre too) also became heavily invested. It became a family effort and we quickly became obsessed with creating candles - but we wanted add a twist... Create handmade concrete vessels that resemble the beautiful architecture, haciendas, and natural stone work found all across Mexico. Our many travels to Mexico gave us more and more motivation each time, and after experiencing the most beautiful shades and vibrancies of colors within these grandiose towns, HUE popped in our heads as a business name. We were ready to start our brand, so after months of research, trial & error, and tons of love, we mastered the art of concrete candle making. Here we are today, a family inspired business - delivering beautifully hand crafted candles that add a touch of love and decor to your homes. 



We use the best type of wax for candles - Coconut Apricot Wax (in our humble opinions), ear loving crackling wooden wicks, and clean certified fragrances. 


We hand craft every portion of the candle - Mixing and pouring cement with water into silicone molds to form the vessel. Sealing each vessel with eco-based water sealants to prevent cracks or overheating. Hand pouring and mixing fragrances into the wax. Carefully mingling two wood wicks to form our X wick. Designing every single label and dust cover....


We impart an abundant amount of time and love into every ounce of these candles to deliver a beautiful product that can be repurposed for plants, homes, offices, bathrooms, you name it.  

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